Type Rating

Our organization is approved by the European Joint Aviation Authorities. The training course is developed using last generation flight simulators series A320, flight training devices, advanced courses in CBT and enabled classrooms to get Airbus A318 Type Rating, Airbus A319 Type Rating, Airbus A320 Type Rating and Airbus A321 Type Rating.

Type Ratings Airbus series A318 / A319 / A320 / A321

Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 Type Rating Training course is intended to give a participant the necessary knowledge and skills to master the airplane, with the successful outcome of a procedure or manoeuvre never in doubt, and to meet or exceed the appropriate requirements/standards.

Entry requirements

  • 100 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes.
  • Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating).
  •  Valid CPL or ATPL.
  •  Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  •  MCC certificate of completion.
  • English level 4 according to ICAO requirements.

Ground Training

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Mock-up of the flight deck (CPT)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Mass & Balance, Limitations, Flight Operation

Ground Training duration: 16 days

Flight Training

Full Flight Simulator – 8 sessions - 32 hrs.
Crew examination in Full Flight Simulator – 4 hrs

Flight Training duration: 9 days.


Official training language: English.
Consultations available in Spanish, English and French.

Ground training location

  • Barcelona

Full Flight Simulator location

  • Túnez
  • París

Base Training

6 touch and go in the real Airbus A320